Sunday, October 31, 2010

Inkscapes 'Free' Drawing program


Inkscape is a 'Free' Drawing program that has minimal system requirements. It can be run as a portable application and is available for all platforms. It uses all the normal drawing tools and can import pictures. The pictures can be scaled, made translucent and cropped. It has a 'snap to' grid plus co-ordinate positioning. There are many online tutorials for this program. Can be saved as many file types including PDF. Also supports Layers.

Draw This

Ubuntu shifts to Mobile Desktops

Ubuntu's next release in 5 months will see the Desktop changed to this form. It will be known as 'Unity' and will be used for Mobile devices and Desktops. This change is required as the biggest sales next year will be in the 'Tablet Form'. All the the old Applications will still work as the basic OS is still the same but with better interfacing for small 'Form factor' machines. Touch screens will be in common use. The total cost of the device should be significantly  cheaper as a keyboard, mouse and separate computer case is not needed. The power supply will be a standard plug pack. RAM usage will only need to be 256 Mb as most applications are run on line. Bootup time should be under under 6 Secs as this is already achieved on the current version with the right 'Hardware'.

Ray Ozzies 'Post PC World'

Ray Ozzie has just resigned as 'Microsofts' chief software architect and has recently put a blog on his site about the future of PC's. Interestingly he's titled it 'The Post PC World'. Microsoft announced that they have sold 240 million copies of Win 7, but not how many are actively used. They thank you for the spectacular profit this gave them, but now realise they are going down the wrong track and would like to get into the new 'Mobile device' world. Ray started this off with 'Windows Phone 7' ( Nothing in common with Windows or Mobile 6 ), this is a completely new OS, and will require new applications. The look and feel is similar to the 'Zune'  media player and will be a big part of their future strategy along with 'Azure' online office applications. Changing the 'Desktop' on an old inefficient and insecure system is no longer possible with today's new competition. Suing companies by using general patents such as 'e-mailing to a PC' will only drive manufacturers to countries such as China and India where the  patents have to be more specific and not in general use. The PC (personal computer) is rapidly becoming obsolete. New systems include Apples iPad,  Googles Android, Googles ChromeOs, Nokias Meego, Blackberrys Playbook and Hewlet Packards WebOs. These are all loosely based on Unix. I don't know what Phone 7 is based on. As these are minimal Operating systems that don't require Virus checking bootup should be only a few seconds.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Phone 7

Microsoft's Phone 7 has now been released. Reviewers have put it behind iPhone and Android but a step in the right direction. It has a completely new operating system but is competing in a large field of new devices. Android, iPhone, Webos, Meego and Playbook to name a few. As these others are evolving into Tablets and small Laptops, I wouldn't be suprised if Microsoft doesn't do the same thing. It has to be better option than the inefficient Windows 7 that requires continuous third party maintenance.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Ubuntu 10.10


Netbook / Tablet

I have installed the Desktop version on my 8 year old, 2.4 G Single core - 1G DDR Ram computer. Installation took approx. 30 Minutes. Internet, Video and Sound all worked correctly. Next the restricted drivers were downloaded from Ubuntu and 3D with acceleration was now working. Reboot was not needed. Set up 3 printers in the next 30 minutes. One local, one jetdirect network and one on a bluetooth adapter. All worked perfectly. Downloaded Webcam software from Ubuntu which worked well. Canon scanner worked with initially installed software. Oracle office was also initially installed. Photo editing was by 'Shotwell'. Boot time of around 30 Seconds. Virus and Malware checking not required. Wish other Operating systems were so easy to install, maintain and use. Updates are given as a list and a check box to tick so individual items can be updated if required. Mulitouch point is available for 'Touch Screen' Monitors.