Friday, March 4, 2016

Android Desktop

Android is now powering more than 1.5 Billion devices so the next step would be the Desktop. This has a problem that most applications are in Portrait mode and there is no Taskbar. Jide, is a Chinese software company that has overcome these restrictions. The developers have their origins at Google and are calling their new operating system 'Remix OS'. The Portrait apps use resizable windows so they are shown correctly when using a Landscape Monitor. More than one application can be shown at the same time as the accompanying image shows. Also a Taskbar has been added to the bottom of the screen. This OS is in beta and is a free download for use with most modern PC's, Desktop or Laptop, using a bootable 8Gb Flash drive. Google Playstore has to be added after the system is running.

Russia starts building its own PC's

Tavolga is a Russian computer company that is manufacturing the new "All in one" PC's for general use. With sanctions in place they have chosen a Homegrown 1.2GHz Dual core 'MIPS' processor that is more likely found in a TV Set top box. Running Linux Debian 8, which is the same base Ubuntu uses, should give this computer enough power to run Libeoffice, Firefox, Chrome, VLC etc. The Screen is 21 inches and the unit has all the normal ports for general use. Price is not availabe yet.