Saturday, October 3, 2015

China gets a new XP defacto Desktop computer.


China's still uses XP for most of their computers and do not want to change. Their Government has tried to move away from Microsoft for several years due to the spyware that comes with Microsofts newer Operating systems, but this has been largely unsuccessful. In the last year they have hired Western specialists to build a reliable low resource Operating system on which they can then add on a XP look and feel Desktop. The new system has been named as Neokylin and is currently being installed on all Government computers. Unfortunately their is no English version available. Chinese retailers sell this Operating system preinstalled on Dell Laptops which have been reported to sell as fast as Dell Laptops in China with Windows. Germany, Austria and France combined developers to design something similar with English as an option. This is known as Q4OS and is completely free but not preinstalled anywhere. Using a very simple Desktop interface called 'Trinity' allows this to be run on computers with only 128Mb of RAM. The downloadable image comes complete with the latest Chrome browser, VLC media player and Libreoffice 5.