Saturday, February 11, 2012

Office suites

Office 15
Microsoft has been previewing a new office suite called Office 15. This is a simple version designed with Tablet use in mind. It will have a totally different interface from the previous offerings from Microsoft. This is an off-line application as opposed to Microsofts Office 365 which must be connected to the Internet for use. Office 10 will still be available for business use on Desktops. 

Windows 8

Windows 8 is going to be split into two directions. The first will continue to use the Intel chipset with a windows 7 base and a "Tiled Metro' desktop. It will run Windows 7 Applications. The second system will use the 'Arm' chipset (phone chipset) and will have the same desktop but will not run any Windows 7 software. This will make it alot cheaper so to be able to compete with Apple and Android products. New applications will only be able to be loaded from the 'Microsoft Store' similar to Apples iTunes. A new Office suite will be used called Office 15. This will be simpler than Office 10 and will probably not have the ribbon menu's. To be competitive this system has to be easy to use, reliable without the need of virus checking and cheap. The second system is aimed at the domestic market of Tablets, TV's and Media centres. Unlike the Vista and Windows 7 market Microsoft does not have a monopoly so they will have to produce something that actually works and easy to use. They will have to do better than the 'Phone 7' which after a year has only about 1% of the smartphone market.