Monday, June 20, 2011

Tablets for July 2011.

July will see a huge jump in the available number of Tablets. A large choice of Operating Systems and hardware layout will be in the retail outlets. These are primarily designed for internet use and documents are edited on-line, although Google have announced that an off-line version of Google Docs is about to be released. This is the last part that is required for the Tablet to replace the Home computer.

Samsung, Vizio, Acer, Dell, Toshiba, Sony and Motorola are opting for Andoid Honeycomb. Googles Chromebook will run ChromeOs. HP Touchpad will use WebOs. Acer will also use Meego as well as Android. Blackberry's Playbook will run on QNX. All these systems are derived from UNIX. Asus are making Android and Windows 7 Tablets. The Windows 7 Tablets will need a Hard drive instead of the normal Solid State Drive (SSD) and will alone require Virus checking. It was hoped by many that they would use their Phone 7 or CE operating systems.

The Tablets will come in sizes from 5" to 12" , and could have cameras, card readers, USB ports, wireless keyboards and External Monitors or TV connections. Normal input is via the Touchscreen.

Apples iPad2 has also been recently released after excellent sales on the original iPad which it deserves from being the innovator of making these devices user friendly. It is also has its roots in UNIX.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Open Office Tutorial

This magazine is a 160 page tutorial on how to use Open Office efficiently. It is put out by Taylor Made publishing Ltd. I bought my copy from Silverstream bookshop at around $30. All basic parts of Open office are covered in glossy coloured pages.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Windows 8

Windows 8 has now been previewed at a consumer trade fair. Apparently this is not a new Operating System but a modified Win 7 with an overlaid desktop similar to the Phone 7. It will be used on everything from tablets to TVs. As it's based on win 7 virus checking is still required, unlike the iPad and Android. The launch date has not been determined but early 2012 is mostly forecast. This is the same time HP will be debuting their new WebOs. The hardware requirement for the tablets is very specific which is upsetting some manufacturers including Acer, who are releasing three Ubuntu Netbooks in July. They are using their own modified version of last years Ubuntu which points to them having thought about this for a while, as Win 7 is very slow on a low powered Netbook.