Monday, August 29, 2016

Superbook Laptop

Superbook is a kickstarter project that has attained enough money to start manufacture. It started out as an idea for using a Windows phone as a computer linked by cable to a empty Laptop shell. As the Windows phone was a complete failure the designers switched to Android phones. This will be in time for Android 7 which has been updated to support multi freeform windows, just like a standard Desktop. As the Laptop only has a screen, keyboard and a power supply it should be relatively cheap. The linking cable plugs into the USB port of the phone. The plug that is normally used to charge the phone actually has other another set of connections called MHL (Mobile Hi Definition Link). This supports Video and Audio streams for an HDMI port on a TV or Monitor. The Keyboard and Trackpad can use the bluetooth wireless.

Friday, August 5, 2016

Windows 10 Aniversary Update

Microsoft released the first yearly Update to Win 10 and it is free. There is a 10 day optional Rollback if something fails. The main change is that the Cortana (Digital Assistant) search is now the main way of finding and starting things. The option for switching this off has been removed. It will show notifications more like a phone. Skype will now be part of the operating system and not a stand alone program, and has a new interface. On September 15 Skype will have to be registered as a service to continue using it. This is possibly in response to "Viber" which is what the mobile users prefer. Viber does not require registering but a cellphone number is used as identification even when used on a tablet or PC. Viber has twice the number of users than Skype.