Monday, May 28, 2012

US $74 Android 4.0 USB stick computers

These tiny stick computers hold a complete Android 4.0 system in them. They are used on TV's or Monitors that have a USB port and an HDMI port. A lead is plugged into each port from the device and a wireless keyboad, mouse and internet connection is used. Storage is via a SD card that is slotted into the side of the device. As the cost is so low, expect to see alot more of these devices coming onto the market. They can be used for E-mail, surfing the internet, watching movies, showing pictures, playing music and word processing.

Via Motherboards with ARM processors

Via are now manufacturing Motherboards to replace existing PC's with ATX Motherboards. Physically they are a direct replacement, but half the depth. These boards run the ARM chipset (Phone and Tablet chips) instead of Intel's chipset. They will not run Windows XP or 7 but will run Android 4.0 or Linux using a USB keyboard and mouse as well as using a touch screen monitor or TV. 'Windows 8 RT' would theoretically run on them but Microsoft will probably not sell their Operating System to allow this.

Nano PC desktop computers

Foxconn, the iPhone manufacturers, are now making tiny fanless desktop computers which will sell for under US $200. They will come without memory, hard drive or operating system but will happily run XP or any modern Linux system such as Ubuntu or Fedora. Just add memory and flash drive of choice. These computers feature a dual core atom processor, USB 3.0, VGA output, HDMI output, wireless and ethernet.