Friday, January 27, 2012

e-Books and e-Readers

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e-Readers were originally designed to look and feel like a paperback book. A special graphic screen for this was developed and was called called e-Ink. The Kindle among others used this technology, as it gave a high contrast, unpixelated view even in direct sunlight. These devices had a slow refresh rate meaning they could never be used for movies. As Tablets became more common they were being sold as e-Readers combined with web surfing. If used over a period of time, as in reading a novel, it will soon become apparent that sore eyes will be an issue along with poor visibility in bright light reflecting off the screen. (Jack of all trades but master of none.) e-Ink does not suffer from these effects and the readers are under $200 NZ. The battery life of e-Ink systems is measured in months unlike Tablets which are measured in hours.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Images in Tables

If accurate placing of pictures in a word processor misbehaves by jumping all over the place a solution could be to insert the pictures in the cells of a table. The example shown was done in a simple word processor called 'Abiword' but should work in any modern wordprocessing package. The borders of the cells can be removed after the table is complete. The Pictures were resized in their accompanying cells for correct alignment.