Saturday, June 23, 2012

Dell are focusing on India

Dell  computers are opening retail stores in India after their success of doing this in China. The major difference from the "Western" stores is that these computers come pre-installed with "Ubuntu". Clearly these nations prefer their computers to be Virus free and without endless "Security Updates" or computer speed degrading.

Windows 8 reveals its intentions

Microsoft has given new guidelines for Windows 8 devices. Phone 8 will be made only on "Dual core" chips meaning they are going for the top end market, iPhone and Androids Galaxy etc. They are going to set up their own manufacturing which has upset the original hardware partners who are bound to swing more to Android devices. Windows 8 Tablets for the consumer will run on "ARM' chips meaning they will not run programs designed for Windows PC's. These tablets will run Windows RT and be called "Surface tablets". Like Phone 8 they will require  "Dual core" chips.