Saturday, May 23, 2015

Internet usage.

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Mobile users for the Internet have overtaken those using the tradional Desktop / Laptop method. This is probably due to the high reliability and ease of use of a mobile phone or Tablet when compared to a Windows system that has to battle Viruses and Operating system problems.

The new Windows 10 or is it.

What is new in the upcoming release of Windows 10. The Kernel is still based on NT from the Xp days and the API's (Application programming interface) even earlier. Nothing new. The Desktop is partially returning to the old Windows 7 configuration.  Internet Explorer is replaced with the 'Edge'. This is only to catch up what other browsers are already doing. Cortana the personal assistant is similar to what Apple, Android and Chrome browser have had for several years. Still nothing really new. Virus checking still required as with previous Windows versions. Windows Media player has been completely removed, that's new. A free update for one year and then a yearly subscription thereafter. That is new. The subscription price will be dearer for the Enterprise version citing a higher security rating due to extra features. As Microsoft knows you will love this new version the BIOS will prevent any other operating system to boot including their own earlier versions.