Sunday, September 14, 2014


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Libreoffice is a full Office suite of applications that is free that caters for all word processing, spreadsheets, drawing, presentation and database requirements. Installation is fully automatic but use the 'STILL' version as this is the stable option. Also install the 'HELP' file. As this is free the need for continual change of format and menu layout is not needed in order to sell the next model, so ease of use is the main advantage to using this application. Compatibility with other office software is now very good. Current stable version is 4.2.6.

Desktop computers

The modern Desktop PC has become small enough to fit in a hand by removing the need for cd drives, fan cooling and using solid state disk drives. The power supply is usually an external unit similar to the Laptop. Normally bought over the Internet the memory and hard drive are purchased as separate units. The operating system of your choice is then added. A full usable system will cost around $500 NZ so they are not cheap but will be reliable as the intended market is for businesses.