Saturday, June 27, 2015

What are 2 in 1 Laptops

Laptops that are designated as '2 in 1' can be used as a normal PC laptop or lift the screen off and use as a Tablet. Microsoft is currently pushing these to help boost their Tablet marketshare which is sitting at a low 2 percent, Android having over 80 percent and Apple at around 15 percent. If this is a Windows machine the Tablet configuration still needs the usual Antivirus, Registry cleaning and security update maintenance. Android and Apple products did not need these and they cannot run Legacy Windows programs, while the Windows version can, but Hard Drive space could be a problem. These computers usually have a 'Flash Drive' as a Hard Drive and are only generally 32 or 64 Gb in size. 

Android remix for the Desktop

Jide, one of the originators of Android, has announced the arrival of a new Android that will be housed in a setop box that is more in line with Desktop use. This will have multiple resizable windows and a taskbar making it's usage similar to a standard Desktop computer. As these use a standard Monitor / TV, Keyboard and Mouse and is not provided with the device, the price is low, approx US $30. The price and Hardware is similar to a 'Raspberry Pi 2' which I have been using as a Desktop computer for the last few weeks which runs Firefox, HD video and the full Libreoffice quite adequately using the 'Raspbian OS'.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Dell 's inexpensive Ubuntu laptops

Dell have added a 14" and 15" Laptop to their budget range at around US $200. These are aimed at consumers who want a low maintenance computer that is easy to use with well known applications. Pre-installed software includes Chrome browser, Libreoffice and VLC media player. There are thousands of extra downloadable programs, mostly free, in the Ubuntu software centre. These computers are now available in retail outlets in US and China. We may be lucky enough to get them in NZ someday at a reasonable price.