Sunday, November 13, 2011

Netbooks and TV's

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A small 7 inch Netbook is connected to a 26 inch TV as shown in the picture. The Netbook has its screen set to external monitor mode and the internet accessed by wireless. The system is controlled by a USB wireless mouse from across the room and makes use of a virtual keyboard as shown in the picture. For most activities the keyboard is hidden and the mouse is the main navigating device. Printing can be achieved through the wireless network to a printer in the house. This method makes use of a cheap computer to view movies, show pictures, and surf the internet to a group of people. The screen resolution is much better on the external monitor than the Netbooks screen. A USB hard drive can be used to store the movies or pictures for showing. Note: Windows 7 starter edition will not allow the external port to be opened. Unfortunately this is what most netbooks come with but an easy solution is to utilise the card reader slot and use a minimal operating system on a SD card.