Friday, January 10, 2014

XP last update is in April

For those worried about Microsoft withdrawing XP support in April there are several options.

1) Windows 8.1 RT or Microsoft surface. Cheapest Windows 8 but does not run XP / Win 7 programs.

2) Windows 8.1 or surface Pro. Runs XP / Win 7 programs but may not have drivers for older peripherals. Requires Virus checking and is expensive.

3) Chromebooks. Cheap with limitations. Only real issues for general use are no Skype or iTunes. These are now being manufactured by every major PC company except ASUS. These have been heavily advertised against by Microsoft which means they are worried about their impact. All their adverse reasoning also pertains to Windows 8 RT which is their favoured system.

4) Android Desktops. Several manufacturers are selling their monitors with Android and come complete with keyboard and mouse. Open office is now available for Android.

5) Tablets. The latest tablets do most things a PC does and is particularly useful with a keyboard and mouse attached.

6) Linux Mint 16. User experience is similar to a XP interface. The only general use program that there is no real equivalent is iTunes.  

7) XP. Keep using it and rely on third party Updates.

8) Dual boot XP and Linux. Leave XP on computer to run legacy programs but disconnect from the Internet. Use a Linux variant for Internet applications and other general use programs. Use a third partition for personal files that both operating systems can use. Total time to reboot to other system should be less than one minute.