Thursday, February 17, 2011

Nokia and Windows Phone 7

Windows Phone 7
Android Phone
Nokia announced that Windows Phone 7 will be their main product. This is a last ditch effort to stop Android and iPhones from being the only relevant platforms. This announcement stripped Nokia's value by 18% in two days. How this is going to work with Nokia's Engineers that no nothing about Windows phone's software trying to fit it on a device that was  designed for the Symbian Operating System, is anybody's guess. After the Symbian System has been declared obsolete and development is to be stopped most buyers will look at the two main alternatives as Windows phone 7 will be at least a year away. By then iPhone and Android will be fourth generation devices. HP's WebOs will be a better contender for third place as it is ready now for production as a Phone, Tablet and Consumer PC.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Phones, Tablets and Touchscreen PC's.

As Mobile devices are now selling faster than traditional PC's the major manufactures have announced which Operating Systems they will support for the home users.

Apple and Android devices are presently taking up most of the new market, but there are a number of new contenders coming on line in the next few months.

Blackberry are producing the 'Playbook' which will also run Android Applications.
Nokia is going to use Windows Phone 7 as they are rapidly losing ground with Symbian.
HP, the biggest computer manufacturer, is swapping Windows for their own WebOs.
Fujitsu will use Meego for Tablets that Nokia  developed.
Google are releasing ChromeOs for Netbooks.
Most Korean and Chinese manufactures are building on Android 2 (phones) or Android 3 (tablets).
Apple will produce iPad2 to stay in front.

Consumers will be spoiled for choice over the next six months for mobile devices that will use software on remote servers ( ie on the cloud ) to search the Internet, do E-mail, Skype, Edit Documents and retouch photo's. This will also apply to Internet ready TV's.