Sunday, August 18, 2013

Ubuntu usage

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As a Ubuntu derived user I am often asked why the user numbers of Ubuntu are so low. It may surprise you but its possible that world wide the numbers of Ubuntu users could be higher than Microsoft users. Note I said Users not Computers. Brazil has 35 Million school children all using Ubuntu but has only half a million computers, therefore each computer has 70 users. Expanding these figures across South America, Asia, Eastern Europe and China the user to computer ratio is probably similar. Western nations are possibly the reverse having several computers to the user. The Internet usage figures for Ubuntu are very low but this is because Western nations use their computers for large data rates to play games and stream movies but poorer nations use them for computing which has a low data rate as their internet networks are too slow for video streaming. As the picture shows Ubuntu is a multiuser system which by clicking on one of the squares will put it full screen and this becomes the active user. This function is useful for poorer countries who have many users per computer.