Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Who and what is Keepod

Keepod is a method of using one old redundant laptop to help many children learn computing skills by having an operating system on a Thumb drive. Each child is given there own Thumb drive complete with an Android operating system which also holds there own required applications. Their settings and files are held "in the cloud". As soon as one child is finished with the computer another child can insert their Thumb drive and Log in which will automatically adjust to their settings and applications. The Computer has had the Hard drive removed so nothing is left on the computer as one child finishes, and another starts. Therefore one old computer has many users with unique applications. There is nothing new in this method but the Media has been running stories on it as Kenya is initiating a large scale push for the idea. Keepod is made by an firm in Israel, and can be purchased for $US 7. This could be a useful idea for Seniornet people that have slow laptops that could be revitalised as a fast modern machine.